Coast Stress Less is a Community Initiative to aid students & families to succeed through stressful periods of life.

A 'stress less week' is not some new idea. Many Universities up & down Aotearoa & around the world carry out these weeks to intentionally help students deal with the stresses of exams in order that they might achieve their best results.

We want the same for our teenagers here in New Zealand. We know that with the right tools our young people can achieve their best. That is why for the first two weeks of the NCEA exams beginning November 16 we have a creative, stimulating & safe environment for teenagers to come & study. A place where they will be equipped with wifi, stationery, desks & everything they need to achieve their best & make the most of the study time available to them.

Through this time we also offer a space, befittingly named 'the Chill-Out Zone.' As we all know, the brain needs regular breaks too. This space helps re-energize & rejuvenate. A place to grab a quick snack, listen to some music, engage in conversation.

We know that through the equipping & empowering of students we can help them succeed through NCEA. 

We also know that the mental health & well-being of our communities is a much need & ongoing conversation & commitment. 

It is for this reason we are committed to helping provide pro-active & pre-emptive tools to youth, parents & our wider community. Equipping & empowering them into a more positive, capable space to deal with stressful periods in life.

For these reasons from November 23rd to 28th, we have our Stress Less Week. It is our week where we raise awareness for students, families, & those struggling. Where we help bring this conversation to the surface in our community & encourage an 'it takes a village' approach to improve our mental health statistics in Aotearoa.

In the Coast Stress Less Week there are specific events to help equip teenagers, parents & our community here on the Coast.

A proactive community approach to stress & anxiety in teenagers & families


- Joseph Malins (1895)